Working towards empowering families to have equal access to social and economic resources for personal wellbeing and household development. Our focus is to support women and youth who are excluded from the mainstream financial systems, yet have dreams and aspirations.

Who We Are

CETAFI is a social enterprise founded in 2021, with special focus on designing and implementing programs that target improving the general wellbeing of women and youth in Uganda.

Using the entrepreneurship support model, we extend capacity building through offering business development support; training, affordable & convenient financial services to youth & women micro entrepreneurs inturn creating employment.


To sustainably transform women and youth to purposeful living.


Communities that are socio-economically empowered.

Core Values


We are committed to providing services, resources, and encouragement to support families and communities for better economic prospects, better tomorrow, new dignity, and hope. This is the very purpose of our existence.


We honor the trust that has been placed in us by the communities we serve, supporters, investors, program partners, service providers, and staff, and endeavor to manage all our resources transparently. We purpose to do the right things with right intentions at all times.

Innovation and Impact based

We endeavor to always devise unique ways and means to sustainably transform lives of communities we work in.We are committed to responding to ever-changing circumstances surrounding the people we serve.


We aim to fully value everyone and affirm their uniqueness and God-given dignity. This respect also is the premise for our relationships with our partners plus the communities we serve.


We appreciate that each person has different circumstances and we pledge to allocate our resources and available opportunities to reach an equal outcome for families and communities.



Raised in a remote village in the Southwestern Uganda, Rogers recognized first-hand the pivotal role of a woman in transforming communities. At the age of seven, his father who was the sole breadwinner died. As the sole provider, Rogers’ mother, a peasant – widow struggled to put food on the table. In addition, paying for her children’s school tuition ...seemed nearly impossible.

Rogers together with his mother labored in people's banana plantations and other gardens to bring food to the table and raise school fees. His mother would also beg from rich families and depend on other well-wishers to send Rogers and his siblings to school. In school, Rogers worked hard and earned a full-ride government scholarship to attend Uganda’s Prestigious Makerere University, graduating nearly top of the entire class.

Two years after graduation from the university, Rogers started his carrier with two commercial banks in Uganda, where he rose through the ranks from a junior loans officer to a Regional Manager, a position he voluntarily left in 2020 to go self-enterprising.

He founded Maneni Instant Credit, a microfinance serving largely the economically active poor women and youth in the peri-urban and rural Uganda. He would later dedicate a percentage of profit from the microfinance to begin a social enterprise known as Centre for Transformation and Financial Inclusion (CETAFI), having practically tested how urgent and important it was to reach out to the hustling women and youth of Uganda who reminisced him of his struggling mother back in the days.

Our Stories

"I am able to save 200,000 Ugx monthly in the village savings group, contribute to the needs of my family and my dignity as woman has improved."

Judith Uhiriwe